Irrigation Tech Training

Irrigation Tech I

This hands-on workshop will focus on the most common parts of an irrigation system and how they work, how they most often fail and what to do to solve a problem. Students will learn how to use the tools that every irrigation tech should have at hand. This is a basic irrigation class great for novice irrigation techs to those seasoned individuals looking to polish their skills.

Participants will break out into stations for interactive hands-on activities which include the following:


·       Opening a valve and seeing all of the parts

·       Putting a valve back together correctly with the right tools

·       Use a multi-meter and realize that it won’t hurt you

·       Troubleshooting


·       Program most commonly used controllers

·       Troubleshooting


·       Determine precipitation rate

·       Adjust and replace rotors

·       Adjust and replace nozzles


·       Glue pipe

·       Compression coupling

·       Slip Fix

Irrigation Tech II

This course will increase your understanding of hydraulic science, improve irrigation design troubleshooting skills as well as teaching how to isolate electrical problems in the landscape. Students will work in small groups to determine the source of the irrigation issue and discuss solution recommendations with the class.

Click here to see the glossary of irrigation terms.  This will be beneficial in preparation of the exam.

Students will break out into stations for interactive hands-on troubleshooting activities which include the following:


·       Review how water moves through a system and what impacts its motion

·       Determine precipitation rates and if your system is performing efficiently

·       Identify causes of hydraulic problems and discover solutions


·       Discover the proper techniques and tools required for isolating line breaks

·       Identify cable paths and locate faults


·       Uncover flaws in an irrigation design

·       Locate design changes that impact the efficiency of the system

·       Create proposals for adding on to existing system