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ALCA PAC *Committee ID 200810244*

In our continuing effort to expand the influence and reach, the Arizona Landscape Contractors' Association has established a political action committee to facilitate our members' effective participation in the political process and help insure the success of our public policy advocacy.

The Arizona Landscape Contractors' Association Political Action Committee (ALCA PAC) allows the membership of ALCA to engage in a variety of activities that the association has not been directly associated with since they could be considered "too political."

These activities include:

  • Hosting political figures for meetings with members
  • Participation in fundraising for campaigns
  • Endorsements of candidates
  • Participation in political party events
  • Research and communication on candidates and propositions
  • Development of a legislative scorecard based on lawmakers' voting records on key bills to ALCA members

ALCA PAC may engage in all, some or none of these activities on behalf of the interests of landscape contractors statewide. But a political action committee is an essential tool for ALCA when opportunities arise that may fall into the above categories. Now the ALCA Board of Directors can avoid politically controversial activities that may interfere in the successful achievement of ALCA's goals with its many non-political member services. Moreover, funding for the political action committee is legally required to be separate from those of the sponsoring organization. This arms-length relationship ensures the fundraising and spending decisions by ALCA PAC cannot negatively impact the financial health of the parent association, ALCA.

ALCA PAC is tightly governed by Arizona law and its finances are periodically disclosed and open to the public on the state secretary of state's website. Governed by a steering committee of ALCA leaders and contributors, ALCA PAC can accept contributions from individuals and other political committees. Corporate contributions are strictly prohibited by law. All contributions to ALCA PAC will be reported as will all expenditures.

To contribute or to become more involved in ALCA PAC, contact Judy Gausman at or call the ALCA Office at (602) 626-7091.