The ALCA Certified Irrigation Technician (ACIT) program consists of a 3-day training including hands-on activities focused on the optimization of water usage and the efficiency of existing irrigation systems. 

Must have attended and passed the ACLP Irrigation workshop, or equivalent field experience, including proficient use of a multi-meter. 2 years of hands-on irrigation experience recommended.

Certification does not expire.

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       Site Assessment

  • Evaluate existing irrigation system using ALCA’s irrigation assessment checklist
  • Site conditions – general plant health, glaring problems, water type
  • Review plans or draw irrigation diagram
  • Irrigation components – inventory and condition
  • Zoning of stations/controller scheduling
  • Assess system baseline performance
  • Determine precipitation rates (PR)

Maximizing Efficiency

  • Determine how much water and pressure is needed
  • Manage pressure loss
  • Determine plant water needs and calculate ET rates
  • Calculate and maximize distribution uniformity (DU)
  • Calculate run times for maximum efficiency
  • Program "Smartly" - adjust controller schedules using ET
  • Use water management technology & techniques

       Troubleshooting & Repair

  • Identify common irrigation malfunctions
  • Identify options for dealing with the malfunctions
  • Choose the best option for the situation
  • Practice the skills necessary to troubleshoot & repair


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