Safety Tips


Portable Ladder Safety

Tips for Safety in Trees

Preventing Cold & Flu in the Workplace

Slips & Trips Injuries

811 - Know Before You Dig

Electrical Safety When Installing Irrigation

Working Outdoors in Warm Climates

Mental Health Awareness Month Toolkit

Snakes & Insects

Accident Prevention

Struck by Objects

Stand on Mower Tips

Top Seven Safety Tips for Office Workers

Hedge Trimmer Safety

Preventing Injuries

Working Near Roadways

Lightning Safety

Environmental Hazards

Safe Driving

Musculoskeletal Injuries - English (Page 1) & Spanish (Page 2)

Safely Transporting Materials - English (Page 1) & Spanish (Page 2)

Portable Power Tools - English (Page 1) & Spanish (Page 2)

Pulling Trailers
 - English (Page 1) & Spanish (Page 2)

Fighting Fatigue - English (Page 1) & Spanish (Page 2)

Protect Yourself While Driving - English (Page 1) & Spanish (Page 2)

Driving in All Types of Weather - English (Page 1) & Spanish (Page 2)

Chipper Machine Safety & Practices - English (Page 1) & Spanish (Page 2)

Protecting Workers From Heat - English (Page 1 & 2) & Spanish (Page 3 & 4)

Working Safely Near Traffic - English (Page 1 & 2) & Spanish (Page 3 & 4)

Reduce the Risk of Lifting Injuries - English (Page 1) & Spanish (Page 2)

Slips and Trip Injuries - English (Page 1) & Spanish (Page 2)

Insects Rodents & Snakes - English (Page 1) & Spanish (Page 2)

Marijuana in the Workplace

Construction Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Safe Driving Practices

West Nile Virus, Lyme Disease, Tick-Born Diseases

Handheld Equipment - Part 2 of 2

Handheld Equipment - Part 1 of 2

Working Outdoors in Warm Climates

Mower Related Mistakes

Back Injury Prevention - English Version

Back Injury Prevention - Spanish Version

Chain Saw Safety

Grass Trimmer Safety

Eye Protection

Equipment Refueling

Landscaping Tools

Lift & Carry Safely


Heat Stress


Struck By Objects

Insects and Snakes

Driving Skills - Preventive Measures on Wet Pavement

Distracted Driving

Slips, Trips & Falls

Mower & Trimming Safety Part 1

Mower & Trimming Safety Part 2

Mower & Trimming Safety Part 3

Mower & Trimming Safety Part 4

Preventing Hand Injuries

Driving Skills

Heat Exhaustion

Safe Fueling of Vehicles

Riding Mower Safety

Tree Safety

Eye Protection

Hand Protection

Foot Protection

Preventing Slips

Electrical Safety for Construction Sites

Hearing Safety

Defensive Driving

Heat Stress

Fighting Fatigue

Preventing Back Injuries

Accident Prevention

Utility Knife Safety





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