Summertime Burmuda Care

Bermudagrass forms the lush green foundation to many of our low desert landscapes. It provides a cooling effect to the microclimate as well as a base for our winter overseeded ryegrass. The care that is provided to Bermudagrass during its growing season is impactful to the overall health of the turf year-round.

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Safety Tips - Handheld Equipment

Safety considerations associated with handheld landscaping equipment are numerous, including personal protective equipment, ergonomics, electrical safety, fuel-handling safety, proper equipment guarding and maintenance, correct application and workers’ awareness of their surroundings. Failure to operate equipment safely can result in cuts, lacerations and punctures which OSHA cites as the second leading injury type in the landscape and horticultural industry. Proper safety training is necessary to reduce the risk of injury. The checklist below can help managers and crew members significantly reduce injury risks.

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