Code of Ethics

  • Will utilize general landscaping knowledge and skills for the greatest good of the landscaping industry and society, and will actively pursue a program that is environmentally responsible.
  • Will be honest in all communications concerning the services qualified to offer and the benefits to be expected.
  • Will bid/install/maintain job according to plans and specifications, or so state during the bid where the bid deviates from the specifications, and will factually represent to the owner or his agent the implications and the costs and/or savings of any changes proposed.
  • Will follow all federal, state and local laws.
  • Will avoid making unfounded statements that might in any way injure the professional reputation of another member of the landscape industry.
  • Will not aggressively recruit the employees of other landscape companies.
  • Will uphold the principle of adequate compensation for those employees engaged in the landscape construction and maintenance profession as essential to maintain the high standards expected of the landscape industry.
  • Will actively promote safe working conditions for all employees and subcontractors.
  • Will pay suppliers and subcontractors in a timely manner, and will not withhold any monies owed except for retentions that are clearly agreed upon prior to receiving materials and/or services.
  • Will stand 100% behind all services and materials supplied and will promptly correct any mistakes for which you are responsible.
  • Will make this Code of Ethics a part of their daily business practice, and will ensure that all of their employees adhere to the same set of principles