Drought Preparedness

ALCA Presents DROUGHT PREPAREDNESS: 3 Part Online Series for Landscape Professionals

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Part 1: Phoenix Valley Drought Update & Municipal Responses - August 11, 2022

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Drought Update Presentatation - Jeff Lee, Town of Gilbert

Town of Gilbert WC Programs and Demand Reduction Plan

City of Tempe Drought Preparedness

City of Glendale

City of Mesa

City of Peoria

City of Phoenix

City of Chandler

Part 2: Drought and Extreme Heat: Plant Responses & Landscape Practices - September 1, 2022

az1876 Drought and Extreme Heat: Plant Responses & Landscape Maintenance Practices by Ursula K. Schuch

az1741 A Study of Irrigation Requirements of Southwestern Landscape Trees by Ursula K. Schuch and Edward C. Martin

Part 3: Efficient Irrigation for Extreme Drought - September 28, 2022