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What is the Arizona Certified Landscape Professional Program?

The Arizona Certified Landscape Professional (ACLP) is an educational program for those aspiring to be professional landscapers. ALCA schedules series of workshops and online exams covering 10 topics designed for interaction and hands-on learning.  Participants will be declared an AZ Certified Landscape Professional when he/she receives a minimum score of 70% on each of the ten exams. Re-takes are $25.

Why Become Certified?

The certification process increases knowledge and skills, earns greater respect, and enhances the public image of the industry.  Successful ACLP candidates become Arizona Certified Landscape Professionals and proudly display the ACLP designation following their names as a symbol of integrity and competence. Let the Arizona Certified Landscape Professional Program provide the nourishment you need to thrive in this growing profession.

**Certification current for 2 years. Must pass a recertification exam with 70% or higher in order to retain certification. An email reminder will be sent at the beginning of the month/year that recertification is required. Recertification is completed in the student portal; cost is $50. Please email with changes to contact information or login questions.**

The 10 workshops required for certification are:

Annuals & Perennials 

Irrigation  IA = 4 CEUs

Pesticides & Calibration  ISA = 3.75 CEUs & PMD = 4 CEUs

Plant Identification  ISA = 3.75 CEUs

Plant Problems   ISA = 3.75 CEUs & PMD = 4 CEUs

Safety & Tools   ISA = 3.75 CEUs

Soils & Fertilizer   ISA = 3.75 CEUs

Tree & Shrub Pruning  ISA = 3.75 CEUs

Planting and Tree Staking  ISA = 3.75 CEUs

Plantación y Estacar de Árboles ISA = 3.75 CEUs

Turf Care & Installation 


The Participant hereby irrevocably grants the Company permission to use the Participant’s voice, image and likeness in any photograph, video, internet site, audio-recording, and in any and all of its publications, including website entries (collectively “Promotional Materials”) without payment or any other consideration.