(ACIT) ALCA Certified Irrigation Technician

The ALCA Certified Irrigation Technician (ACIT) program consists of a 3-day training including hands-on activities focused on the optimization of water usage and the efficiency of existing irrigation systems. 

Must have attended and passed the ACLP Irrigation Tech 1 workshop, or equivalent field experience, including proficient use of a multi-meter.

Program available to ALCA members only.

       Site Assessment

  • Evaluate existing irrigation system using ALCA’s irrigation assessment checklist
  • Site conditions – general plant health, glaring problems, water type
  • Review plans or draw irrigation diagram
  • Irrigation components – inventory and condition
  • Zoning of stations/controller scheduling
  • Assess system baseline performance
  • Determine precipitation rates (PR)


Maximizing Efficiency

  • Determine how much water and pressure is needed
  • Manage pressure loss
  • Determine plant water needs and calculate ET rates
  • Calculate and maximize distribution uniformity (DU)
  • Calculate run times for maximum efficiency
  • Program "Smartly" - adjust controller schedules using ET
  • Use water management technology & techniques


       Troubleshooting & Repair

  • Identify common irrigation malfunctions
  • Identify options for dealing with the malfunctions
  • Choose the best option for the situation
  • Practice the skills necessary to troubleshoot & repair