Why Hire an ALCA Member?

Contract with Landscape Experts
When you contract with a member of the Arizona Landscape Contractors Association (ALCA)you are contracting with professionals that belong to an association that provides specialized training so they utilize proper installation methods and best maintenance practices for their customers.  A beautifully landscaped project is a visible investment that leads to a substantial return.

Before You Hire
Before hiring a landscape contractor, check for membership in ALCA, the only professional organization for landscape contractors in Arizona.  Membership demonstrates a willingness to stay up to date on the latest techniques, newest trends and designs, and ever changing industry rules and regulations.

Check to see if your contractor holds an AZ Certified Landscape Professional (ACLP) designation.  ACLP contractors are experienced professionals who have attended a series of ten hands on workshops and have passed extensive examinations covering all aspects of landscaping.

Once you have invested in the design and installation of your landscape, it is imperative to maintain and protect your landscape with proper maintenance practices.  ALCA has created the Sustainable Landscape Management (SLM) program that provides training and certification so that professionals employ practices which strive to preserve limited and valuable natural resources such as water, reduce waste generation, and strive for longevity and maturity of plant materials. 

Protect Your Investment
Ask for proof of insurance.  A reputable landscape contractor will carry liability and worker’s compensation insurance coverage.  The property owner could be held responsible for damages and injuries that occur.

Check for necessary licenses.  The Registrar of Contractors may require a license before any work can be performed. 

Ask for references.  Your landscaping is a long-lasting investment; do not hesitate to request a list of similar jobs the contractor has recently completed. 

Be wary of individuals who go door to door and offer bargains for performing work.  Improper landscape care will cost you extra time and money to correct or replace.  Are you willing to take that risk with your investment?

   To check if your landscape contractor is a member of ALCA, contact the office at    
   (602) 626-7091 or email ALCA@ALCA.org.