ACLP Turf Care & Installation - Online Live Zoom Class

June 13, 2024
7:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Online Live Zoom Class

Registration Cost
Register on or before: June 10, 2024
Members: $60.00
Non-Members: $120.00

Register after: June 10, 2024
Members: $80.00
Non-Members: $160.00

Event Details

Turf Care and Installation

· Identify the varieties of turfgrass used in the Desert Southwest

· Soil preparation and planting

· Demonstrate mechanical steps to properly install sod

· Discuss proper cultural practices including mowing techniques, thatch removal, aerification, fertilization and irrigation for various turfgrass varieties

· Overseeding and spring transition

· Explore problem solving strategies for common turfgrass diseases and pests

EVENT REGISTRATION IS NON-REFUNDABLE - Substitutions are allowed at any time.

*If you cannot attend in person, Zoom is also available.*

What is the ACLP certification process?
Anyone may attend the workshops to increase their knowledge and skills. To become ACLP certified, each student must attend all 10 workshops and pass the exams. An additional $25 will be required if you do not take the exam within the two week deadline after the workshop. Students will be declared an AZ Certified Landscape Professional when he/she receives a minimum score of 70% on each of the exams.  Students will have two additional opportunities to pass the exam at $25 per retake.


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