Plant Growth Regulators Webinar presented by Rainbow Ecoscience

August 31, 2023
9:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Online Webinar via Zoom

Registration Cost
Members: $35.00
Non-Members: $70.00

Event Details

This seminar, led by Blake Thilmony and Francisco Sicilia of Rainbow Ecoscience, will review tools such as plant growth regulators (PGRS) and how they are a crucial component to add to an integrated management approach for improving plant health and shrub maintenance while reducing labor costs for your business.

Participants will explore:

The skilled labor force in the green industry becoming scarcer with an elevated turnover rate; labor requirements are further exacerbated by worsening climatic conditions which lead to drought stressed  landscapes and declining plant health. It’s more important now than ever to adapt new technologies to the green industry’s needs.