Pest Management Division (PMD) Training

Pest Management Division (PMD) Applicator-in-Training

Hoping to become a Certified Applicator in the State of Arizona? This information-rich course will review the National Pesticide Applicator’s Core study materials which may be included on the certification exam.  Participants will also spend time studying Ornamental and Turf as well as Right-of Way materials which are best suited for the landscape professional hoping to become a certified pesticide applicator. This day long workshop will include the following information:

·       IPM strategies

·       Labeling and formulations

·       Pesticide safety

·       First aid and emergency response

·       Review federal and state laws and regulations

·       Perform exercises in calibration, mixing and applications

·       Identify regional weeds and weed management strategies

·       Identify ornamental and turf pests and pathogens

·       Review appropriate professional conduct when dealing with concerned citizens