The Benefits of Fall Planting

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The Benefits of Fall Planting

YES!! Fall has finally arrived. Don’t let the occasional high temperatures in the triple digits delay your fall planting. Soil temperatures are still warm enough to promote growth but not too hot. This is why October is often referred to as the best time to plant trees, shrubs and other perennial plants. It is time to replace any plants that didn’t survive the brutal summer, add a splash of fall color, and to look ahead to a nice, green winter and spring.

Fall Planting:
Promotes root growth and strong plant establishment
before next year’s summer heat. While you may not see a lot of plant material growth, there is magic happening below the surface. Strong cool season root growth means the plants can grow exponentially next spring and summer.

**Bonus** Smaller, less expensive plant material may be installed as it will easily size up by spring. For example, plant the 5 gallon size instead of the 15 gallon and use the savings toward other investments in your landscape.

Plants need less water to get established because it is not as hot. Trees and shrubs can be watered every few days and even less as the cool months of November – January arrive. Come spring, these established plants will need much less water compared to those that are spring planted.

Less stress on the plants means less chance of plant loss and so you can protect your landscape investment.  Planting in spring means hot temps are just around the corner, placing stress on the plant instead of getting them established.

Any frost sensitive or more tropical plants should be planted in the spring. These include palms, citrus, cacti, and succulents. Ask your landscape contractor about the specific plants you want to incorporate in your landscape. Bare root plants such as roses and deciduous fruit and nut trees are generally planted in the winter months of December and January when they are dormant.

Don’t forget fall color!
If you have a space for a seasonal color bed or even a few pots to fill, now is a great time to perk up your landscape with cool season color. Annual bedding plants such as snapdragons, alyssum, pansies and sweet-smelling stock add an accent of color and thrive in the coming cool temperatures. Wildflower seeds should be planted in October, as well.

Happy Planting!