Smart Irrigation Month

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July is Smart Irrigation Month

It is July, it is HOT, and our irrigation systems are working in full force. This month our focus is on the importance of efficient irrigation and how we can all play a part. The Irrigation Association has put together the following list of ways to participate in Smart Irrigation Month.

Be a Smart Leader. Smart Practices. Smart Technology. Smart Business.
Do your customers understand that efficient irrigation can save them water and dollars? Become part of the Smart Irrigation Month campaign and position your company as a leader in water-saving practices with customers, business partners and peers. Whether your business is big or small or focused on agriculture, turf and landscape, or golf applications, there are many ways to participate in the Smart Irrigation Month campaign.

Market your business as a leader in smart irrigation
•    Promote the benefits of smart irrigation with new social media graphics that can be customized to meet your needs.
•    Add the new social media cover photos on your company profile or individual page.
•    Add the Smart Irrigation Month logo to your website, email signature, ads, customer presentations, field signs, invoices and more.
Use statement stuffers with simple smart watering tips. Free statement stuffers from the Irrigation Association include smart, simple tips to help consumers and other water end users save water and money. Customize inserts with your logo and use them as:
•    Inserts for customer invoices.
•    Handouts at customer or community events.
•    Advertisements in your newsletter or local newspaper.
•    Include an article on irrigation best practices in your company newsletter.  Find great articles at
•    Encourage sales and marketing staff to participate in dealer and distributor Smart Irrigation Month activities.
•    Host a live demonstration of water-saving irrigation technologies in the field or at your location.
•    Feature water-efficient products and services in displays, ads, promotions and product demos with the Smart Irrigation Month logo.
•    Use a banner, outside signage or counter sign to encourage customers to ask about how smart irrigation can save water and money.
•    Make smart irrigation the theme of sales calls.
•    Give awards to customers and/or business partners who promote water-efficient practices.
•    Encourage customers to make existing systems more efficient with easy retrofits, like rain sensors, moisture sensors and pressure regulators.