Safety Tips - Pulling Trailers

Safety Tips Brought to you by ALCA - Pulling Trailers
Pulling Trailers
Driving a vehicle with a trailer attached requires special training and knowledge. Before towing a trailer on the job, you should receive hands-on training to understand how the vehicle handles with an attached trailer.
Safe Hitching and Unhitching
Check the operator’s manual to make sure the towing vehicle is capable of pulling the load before you attach a trailer.  The operator’s manual for the tow vehicle and trailer will list the vehicle and trailer’s towing weight limits.  Weight limit information may also be found on the trailer’s data plate.
Stabilize the trailer before hitching by blocking the wheels so it does not accidentally roll over someone.
Hitch and unhitch on level surfaces so the trailer does not roll.
Make sure the trailer is properly hitched to the towing vehicle. Follow the directions in the operator’s manual.
Always attach safety chains and fasten the lighting connectors.  The safety chain must be strong enough to hold the trailer securely if the primary hitch fails.
Check the brake and signal lights on the trailer before driving.
To prevent rolling, stabilize the trailer before unhitching by blocking the wheels.  Place the blocks in the direction the trailer is most likely to roll. When you are unsure which way it might roll, block both front and rear wheels.