Lifting & Carry Safety

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Article brought to you by the National Safety Council

Lifting and carrying are power jobs that require special care and training to prevent back injuries. Back injuries accounted for 177,580 of the total 905,690 injuries in the private sector in 2012, according to Injury Facts 2015. Back injuries can be difficult to treat and may result in lengthy and expensive rehabilitation.

Whether lifting at home or at work, make an effort to take special care of your back. The             

National Safety Council has a number of suggestions to prevent lift-and-carry injuries and keep your back strong and healthy.

Power Warm-ups: You will work better if you start each day with slow stretches. These warm-ups let you ease comfortably into your workday and help you avoid injury.

Power Lifting Tips

·  Protect your hands and feet by wearing safety gear

·  Size up the load and tip it on its side to see if you can carry it comfortably

·  Get help if the load is too big or bulky for one person

·  Check for nails, splinters, rough strapping and sharp edges

·  Make sure your footing is solid and keep your back straight with no curving or slouching

·  Center your body over your feet, get a good grip on the object and pull it close to you

·  Pull your stomach in firmly and lift with your legs, not your back

·  If you need to turn, move your feet, do not twist your back

Oversized or Tough Lifting Tips

·  Do not try to carry a big load alone; ask for help

·  Work as a team by lifting, walking and lowering the load together

·  Let one person call the shots and direct the lift

·  Use proper mechanical devices for heavy loads

·  Use a step stool or sturdy ladder to reach loads above your shoulders, get as close to the load as you can and slide it toward you

·  Do all the work with your arms and legs, not your back

·  For loads under racks and cabinets, pull the load toward you, and try to support it on one knee before lifting, then use your legs to power the lift

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