Landscaping Tips - Smart Irrigation Month

Conceived in 2004 by the national Irrigation Association (, Smart Irrigation Month serves as the showcase month for the irrigation industry and the public to recognize and promote the benefits associated with smart and efficient irrigation.  With July being the top water-using month, this is the best time to work with customers and communities on how to achieve new levels of sustainability through the use of developing technologies and practices for the most efficient and effective use of water.  Smart Irrigation Month kicks off on July 6 with Technology Tuesday as irrigation professionals are encouraged to wear blue to raise awareness about everything that makes up smart irrigation.

The Irrigation Association and the American Society of Irrigation Consultants have developed the Landscape Irrigation Best Management Practices for landscape and irrigation professionals and policy makers who must preserve and extend the water supply while protecting water quality. The BMPs will aid key stakeholders (policy makers, water purveyors, designers, installation and maintenance contractors, and consumers) to develop and implement appropriate codes and standards for effective water stewardship in the landscape. The manual can be accessed on line at:

Just what are Best Management Practices for the landscape?  Best management practices define the elements of an efficient irrigation system and responsible water management.

BMP 1:  Design the irrigation system for water use efficiency:  deliver water precisely and efficiently to maintain the function and purpose of the landscape while complying with any local limitations and requirements.

BMP 2:  Install the irrigation system to meet the design criteria:  the irrigation system shall be assembled and installed according to the irrigation design specifications, locally applied codes and standards, and manufacturers’ product requirements. The qualified irrigation contractor or installer shall execute the installation per the plans and specifications and be capable of quality workmanship and the safe use of proper equipment.

BMP 3:  Manage landscape water resources:  to conserve and protect available water resources, the management of the irrigation system will optimize the efficient use of water to maintain a healthy and functional landscape with optimal irrigation system performance. Management includes active irrigation system maintenance, scheduling, monitoring, and evaluation of water use, landscape health, and appearance.