Landscaping Tips - SLM® Do’s & Don’ts - Trees

LANDSCAPING TIPS brought to you by the Arizona Landscape Contractors’ Association, the Sustainable Landscape Management ®(SLM®) and the Arizona Certified Landscape Professional (ACLP) programs  

SLM® Do’s & Don’ts - Trees

Trees provide relief from the brutal sun, cooler temperatures, wildlife habitat, and beauty to the urban environment. In order to expand our urban forest as well as preserve the trees we already have, use best practices like those set forth in SLM®.

Crown Reduction vs. Topping – When the height of a tree needs to be reduced, crown reduction preserves the structural integrity of the tree while topping creates liability issues and unhealthy, ugly trees.

Pruning Only What is Needed vs. Lion-tailing – Stripping out a tree’s smaller branches and leaves exposes the tree to sunburn, creates structural weakness, and increases disease pressures, as well as threatens to starve the tree by greatly reducing its ability to photosynthesize.

Planting at or Slightly Above Grade vs. Planting Too Deep – Planting too deep exposes the trunk tissue to constant moisture and starves the roots of oxygen needed for photosynthesis.

Proper vs. Improper Staking – Staking issues such as using the wrong staking materials, tying too tightly, driving the stakes into the root ball or disturbed soil, or leaving the stakes on too long are just a few of the ways that improper staking can harm or kill a tree.

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