Lurking Critters

Have you ever strolled by plants and noticed something’s been munching on the leaves? Or maybe there’s a mysterious brown spot in a tree that seemed to develop overnight? Sometimes plant pests come and go in a matter of days, but their damage may linger for months after they’ve moved to a new green ‘residence’. Fortunately, our dry desert conditions don’t make for an overly welcoming environment for arthropod ‘friends’ to reside. However, during mild times of the year, a few critters may be lurking in our landscape. Here are a few to watch out for in the coming month:

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Show Stopping Flower Beds

As fall approaches, the itch to get new colorful plants in the ground may be upon us. While the nurseries will start having full colorful annuals and perennials trucked in daily, there are a few things we should consider before planning out our winter garden. Here are a few ideas to help you achieve a show-stopping flower bed.

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Landscape Construction Protection

We have hammered home the concept of “Right Tree, Right Place,” but what if that tree is already in the right place? Now there are new structures or parking areas erected, only to make it not such the right place. Designing around established trees is not only admirable, but also a sustainable practice, especially helping to achieve cities tree canopy goals. However, often times trees are an afterthought and minimal care and protection is given to these beauties during construction. Unfortunately, additional expenses ensue after the project has been completed because of tree failures. Here are a few steps to make sure your tree is protected during a construction project

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Dethatching Turf

Mid-summer is the best time of year to take a close look at your Bermudagrass health. Not only is it important to look at the color of turf and to make sure you are watering efficiently, but also look at what is going on at the ground level. Thatch, which is composed of dead and living roots, stems and leaves, can thicken overtime, creating a ‘poufy’ lawn. Thatch that is over ½” can impact the health of the lawn, making it more prone to stress during mowing and extreme temperatures, also making it more prone to pests and disease. Here are tips on how to manage thatch and promote a healthy and vigorously growing summer lawn.

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Leaf Blower Etiquette

At one time or another, we have all been awakened by a leaf blower in the neighborhood, and while they are an essential tool in maintaining a tidy yard, the leaf blower, or should we say the operator of the left blower can be at times an annoyance. But with a little awareness and courtesy, cleaning one’s property doesn’t have to be a disturbance to the public.

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