Maintaining Red Yucca in the Arizona Landscape

Red Yucca is a really nice little plant with an interesting architectural form that attracts hummingbirds, survives on little water, tolerates high heat, requires minimal maintenance and packs a wallop of really attractive flowers. It starts to bloom in March and may continue to send up flowers into the fall.

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Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Some of the trees and shrubs we plant in the landscape can benefit from fertilization, while native and desert-adapted plants rarely need any. Let the nutrient needs of the species, the nutrients found in the soil, and your observations of the plants themselves be your guides.

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Summertime Bermuda Care

Bermudagrass forms the lush green foundation to many of our low desert landscapes. It provides a cooling effect to the microclimate as well as a base for our winter overseeded ryegrass. The care that is provided to Bermudagrass during its growing season is impactful to the overall health of the turf year-round.

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