Landscaping Tips - Reduce Dust When Planting Winter Ryegrass

The Maricopa County Air Quality Department (MCAQD) encourages commercial properties, government agencies, and residents to reduce dust this fall when switching to winter ryegrass. Overseeding can impact air quality by generating dust when scalping existing Bermuda grass. Each year the department responds to questions and concerns from landscapers, golf course managers, and residents regarding the dust created during the overseeding process.

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Landscaping Tips - Plants Feel the Heat!

With over 50 days of 110-degree weather in the valley, the extreme heat is taking a toll on many species of trees and shrubs.

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Maintaining Red Yucca in the Arizona Landscape

Red Yucca is a really nice little plant with an interesting architectural form that attracts hummingbirds, survives on little water, tolerates high heat, requires minimal maintenance and packs a wallop of really attractive flowers. It starts to bloom in March and may continue to send up flowers into the fall.

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Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Some of the trees and shrubs we plant in the landscape can benefit from fertilization, while native and desert-adapted plants rarely need any. Let the nutrient needs of the species, the nutrients found in the soil, and your observations of the plants themselves be your guides.

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