Dream Big! - Your Landscaping Wish List

Dream Big! - Your Landscaping Wish List As the winter holidays are upon us and cooler weather leads us to spend more time indoors, it is a great time to create your own wish list - for your landscape! 2019 is a wink away and before we know it some of the best months of the year for enjoying the landscape will return. Your landscape contractor can help you plan your dream landscape and turn it into reality.

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Maintain & Install Landscape Lighting Systems

Maintain & Install Landscape Lighting Systems: It’s hard to believe with these temperatures that winter will soon be upon us. Days are getting even shorter, so now is the perfect time to have your landscape professional run a maintenance check on your outdoor lighting system. After the check is complete, together you can make informed decisions on how to make the most of your current lighting system. If you don’t yet have landscape lighting, it isn’t too late to have a system installed before those holiday parties!

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The Benefits of Fall Planting

YES!! Fall has finally arrived. Don’t let the occasional high temperatures in the triple digits delay your fall planting. Soil temperatures are still warm enough to promote growth but not too hot. This is why October is often referred to as the best time to plant trees, shrubs and other perennial plants. It is time to replace any plants that didn’t survive the brutal summer, add a splash of fall color, and to look ahead to a nice, green winter and spring.

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