Citrus Tree Care

Citrus trees are not native to Arizona even though they grow well here. They aren’t very cold hardy so it’s important to take precaution when there is risk of frost and freezing temps.

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Landscaping Tips for Pruning

Pruning requirements vary by plant species, design intent, and placement in the landscape. Pruning should only be done when necessary and at the right time of year.

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Light It Up & Let It Shine!

Low voltage lighting (LVL) is an option commonly chosen because it is safer and easier to install. The equipment used to install LVL lowers the power put into the lights without impacting how well the lights work. When considering LVL for a landscape, it's important to take into account several factors to ensure a successful and aesthetically pleasing installation. Low voltage lighting not only enhances the beauty of your outdoor space but also provides safety and security. Photo courtesy of Brilliance LED

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Incorporating Sustainability into Hardscaping

Hardscapes, which encompass paths, patios, walls, and other non-plant elements, provide structure and organization within a landscape. When implemented thoughtfully, hardscapes can significantly contribute to sustainability efforts. Strategic placement of permeable hardscape materials can mitigate erosion and runoff issues. Permeable materials allow rainwater to infiltrate the ground, preventing surface water runoff and supporting groundwater recharge. This simple yet effective measure aids in water conservation and reduces strain on local drainage systems.

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Turf Conversion

As the drought continues, the challenges of maintaining a lush, green turfgrass increase. Higher water costs and water restrictions force the reevaluation of turfgrass areas. Many Arizona municipalities offer incentives for turf removal projects, and public perceptions regarding turfgrass are shifting. Turfgrass conversion involves replacing areas of turfgrass with artificial turf or drought-resistant lower water using plant materials while maintaining an attractive landscape.

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