Plant Problems in the Landscape – Biotic Disorders 

Last month we brought you examples of some common abiotic – or non-living – causes of plant problems. This month, we focus on a few of our most common biotic – or living – causes of plant disorders. Biotic disorders may be caused by insects, mites, nematodes, parasitic plants, fungi, bacteria, protists (diverse collection of organisms) and viruses. Below, we highlight a few of the more common diseases you may see this time of year as the temperatures soar.

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Plant Problems in the Landscape - Abiotic Disorders

After our cool and moist February, the month of March is sure to bring warmer temperatures and a flush of spring growth as our landscape plants wake up after their short winter naps. Some plants, however, may just not seem right. Your landscape professional can help identify and treat plant problems that may arise. As part of ALCA’s Arizona Certified Landscape Professional program, we offer “Plant Problem Diagnosis” workshops for landscape professionals to further their education.

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Dream Big! - Your Landscaping Wish List

Dream Big! - Your Landscaping Wish List As the winter holidays are upon us and cooler weather leads us to spend more time indoors, it is a great time to create your own wish list - for your landscape! 2019 is a wink away and before we know it some of the best months of the year for enjoying the landscape will return. Your landscape contractor can help you plan your dream landscape and turn it into reality.

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