Professor Plum in the Conservatory…

…with the rope! Ever play a game of Clue? Troubleshooting plant problems is a lot like a game of Clue except rather than discover a murderer, one must discover what or who is troubling one’s plants.

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Plant a Tree the Right Way…on Arbor Day or any Day!

Every year Arbor Day is celebrated the last Friday in April and we are encouraged to plant trees. With the forecast of a warmer, drier climate, the successful establishment of trees to cool the micro-climate has become an imperative. Taking steps to properly plant a tree will ensure that your tree becomes an asset to the location, not a liability.

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Landscaping Tips - Plant Responses to Early Spring Fever

The seasonal events in the life cycle of plants are regulated by a number of environmental cues including temperature and day length. How do plants survive during colder temperatures? Woody plants start preparing for winter by shunting the water in their twigs, branches and trunks to their core and root system. This movement of water is triggered by certain chemical compounds. As a result, the plant cells contain higher concentrations of sugars, salts and organic compounds which lower the freezing point of cells and tissues enabling them to survive lower temperatures.

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Landscaping Tips - Pineapple Palms

Phoenix canariensis, the Canary Island date palm is an easy to recognize landscape palm found throughout the lower elevations of Arizona. The palm is easy to care for and should be trimmed once a year in late spring or early summer after the fruit is produced.

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