Arizona 811 - Know Before You Dig



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Are you gearing up for an exciting landscape maintenance or installation project? Before you break ground, let's take a moment to consider the unseen hazards that lie beneath the surface. Undetected utility lines, water pipes, and electrical cables could pose serious risks during excavation, potentially disrupting services and endangering lives.

As responsible landscape professionals and homeowners, it is our duty to prioritize safety and protect what we cannot see below the ground. That's where Arizona811 comes to the rescue! By making a simple call to Arizona811, you can connect with utility companies, who will mark the locations of underground lines on your project site.

Utility Marker Color Meanings:

  • Red: Electric power lines, cables, conduit, and lighting cables.
  • Orange: Communication lines, alarm or signal lines, and cables.
  • Yellow: Gas, oil, petroleum, or gaseous materials.
  • Blue: Water supply lines.
  • Green: Sewers and drain lines.
  • Purple: Reclaimed water, irrigation, and slurry lines.
  • Pink: Temporary survey markings and unknown/unidentified facilities.
  • White: Proposed excavation area.

This proactive step ensures compliance with legal requirements and safeguards you from potential accidents and costly damages. With Arizona811's guidance, your landscape projects can progress smoothly and securely, allowing you to focus on creating beautiful outdoor spaces without unnecessary worries.

Remember, safety is the foundation of every successful landscape venture. So, before you put your spade in the soil, reach out to Arizona811 to make your vision a reality without unforeseen disruptions. Wishing you a flourishing and accident-free landscape journey!