“Help Me! My Grass is Dying!” What to Do When Overseeded Rye Dies in the Spring

“Help Me! My Grass is Dying!” What to Do When Overseeded Rye Dies in the Spring. Words heard all over the Phoenix area as we transition from perennial rye back to Bermuda in the spring and summer. While there is no escaping the rye die-off completely, there is a lot we can do to ensure that the Bermudagrass underneath, in either sodded or seeded varieties, is ready to leap out of the ground when the time is right. This method is for those who want Bermudagrass as their primary grass (April through October), either overseeded with rye or 100 percent Bermuda.

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Oleander Leaf Scorch (OLS)

We have been receiving calls lately about the incurable disease plaguing oleanders around the state: Oleander Leaf Scorch. Arriving to our state a number of years ago, the disease first surfaced in the Central Phoenix area and has now spread to Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and to other areas around Maricopa County. Here is more information on this fatal plant disease:

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Citrus Care

Part of living in a warm southern climate is being able to enjoy growing winter fruits that our northern friends envy this time of year. Citrus was thought to have been introduced to Arizona in the 1700’s and has long been established as one of Arizona’s 5 C’s (along with copper, cattle, cotton and climate). There are many varieties available in our area, all which have their own ripening season, frost sensitivities and enjoyment factor. Here are a few more facts to help you make the most of your citrus:

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Plant Names

Have you ever gone to Starbucks and requested a coffee? It can be difficult to order something so simple when there are so many options: black, with milk, with cream or sugar. You can even order the really fancy stuff: Iced Half Caff Venti Ristretto Cinnamon Dolce Soy Skinny Latte, Four Pumps. This can be similar to buying plants at your local nursery. If you don't know the correct scientific or Latin name, you might be disappointed a few years down the road when your maturing shrub is actually a very large tree.

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Winter Landscaping Tips

It has finally turned 'winter' in the Desert Southwest and while many of us have our focus on picking out that perfect Christmas tree, we should also look at pruning outdoor pine trees and other trees growing on our properties.

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