1. Irrigation Tech II

This course will increase your understanding of hydraulic science, improve irrigation design troubleshooting as well as teach how to isolate electrical problems in the landscape. Students will work in small groups to determine the source of the irrigation issues and discuss solution recommendations with the class.

2. Design Lite

While you may not be a landscape architect, often times landscape professionals are asked to help properties with enhancement projects or redesign. Architectural principles will be reviewed along with the design process. Students will break into sessions working on basic elements of hardscape, lighting and planting design.

3. Plant ID II 

*It is recommended for all students to have taken the Plant ID I workshop or time spent studying class material. Plants in level 1 workshop will be included on Plant ID II exam.

Students will visit a local nursery to observe live samples as well as review photos of the southwestern plant palate. This course will cover taxonomy, leaf anatomy & terminology and the proper use of these plants in the desert landscape.

4. Soil Science

Discover in detail how soils and water may influence our plant health. Instructors will describe challenges in the desert and urban soils. Students will break out into small groups and perform soil texture testing and practice working on recommendations for mineral imbalanced soils they may encounter in our region.

5.  Plant Diseases, Disorders and Pests

Students will review abiotic and biotic diseases, types of organisms and their signs and symptoms. This course will help you understand how to identify diseases and pests, including weeds, understand the conditions, hosts and life cycles.  Treatment options will also be discussed.

6. Water Management

Possibly the most difficult component in our landscape, instructors will demonstrate how to master irrigating landscapes in the desert with the most current technology and tools available. The challenges of managing reclaimed water in the landscape will be addressed.

7. Tree Health Care  
This course will cover tree anatomy and physiology, the benefits of trees, and health assessment. It will increase your knowledge of the top 10 tree killers, PGRs, and soil conditions impacting tree health. Instructors will also review construction protection techniques.