Judy Gausman


Judy Gausman was named the CEO of the Arizona Landscape Contractors' Association in August, 2009 after serving as its Executive Director for nearly eight years. In that time span, ALCA's membership has grown over 500%.

A native of Indiana, Judy moved to Arizona in 2001 with her two children, Jama Krekeler Filip and Ryan Krekeler. Formerly, Judy was employed by the Southeastern Indiana YMCA where she held the position of Comptroller for 9 years. Judy was also responsible for seeking out and writing grants for childcare and children's programs. In 3 years time, she applied for 60 grants ranging from $200 - $100,000 in which the YMCA was awarded nearly $500,000.

Near and dear to her heart, Judy also serves on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Veterans Research and Education Foundation.

In addition to her two children, Judy's biggest and best pastime is spending time with her granddaughter, Sloane. 

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